Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Excited for This Year's Summer of Code

Here at the Mono Project we've spent the past few weeks reviewing submissions for the Google Summer of Code. There were many excellent proposals so it was a hard choice narrowing them down. Many of our applicants have been contributors in the past who wanted the financial support to give us more of their time. Others were new faces, but showed both skill in laying out a proposal and impressive knowledge of the domain in which they'd accomplish it. All of them showed us a flattering amount of interest in making the Mono Project the best that it can be.

We're happy to now be able to announce the list of accepted projects for 2015:

Contribution to Microsoft .NET and Mono integration
Eddie Rangel, mentored by Marek Safar
Integrating the Microsoft .NET reference sources into Mono.

CPPSharp - C++ inline Code improvement
Abhinav Tripathi, mentored by Joao Matos
Improved support for inline code and other expressions in CppSharp.

CppSharp improvements
Alexandre Esteves, mentored by Alexander Kyte
Improved support for inline code and other expressions in CppSharp.

CppSharp | Continue Mono/.NET bindings for Qt
Dimitar Dobrev, mentored by Joao Matos
Improve Mono/.NET bindings for the Qt GUI toolkit using CppSharp.

Get Banshee v3.0 final version out the door
Andrés G. Aragoneses, mentored by David Nielsen
Complete the GTK# 3 port of the Banshee Music Player.

Implementing System.Numerics.Vectors
Tomasz Chocyk, mentored by Alexis Christoforides
SSE hardware acceleration for the System.Numerics.Vectors datatypes.

MonoDevelop Class Diagram
Pranav Ramarao, mentored by Don Jordan
Canvas for exploring the relationships between classes in MonoDevelop.

Overhaul MonoDevelop C/C++ addin
Elsayed Awdallah, mentored by Michael Hutchinson
Update and improve MonoDevelop's C/C++ addin.

Port NRefactory 5 Actions/Issues to NRefactory 6
Kevin Avignon, mentored by Mike Krueger
Port code inspections and actions from NRefactory 5 to NR6/Roslyn.

Porting the CoreCLR GC
Egor Shkorov, mentored by Ludovic Henry
Bring the CoreCLR's garbage collector to the Mono runtime.

Proposal to improve MonoDevelop IDE C/C++ capabilities
Daniel Oliver Guba, mentored by Michael Hutchinson
Update and improve MonoDevelop's C/C++ addin.

Show Referring Objects
Denis Surin, mentored by Marius Ungureanu
Inspect object references in the MonoDevelop debugger.

Syntax Highlighting Overhaul
Dennis Korir, mentored by Mike Krueger
Faster and more extensible syntax highlighting in MonoDevelop.

Tasks Window Debugger support
Bence Tilk, David Karlaš
Inspect async task schedulers in the MonoDevelop debugger.

Version control backends
Svetoslav Karasev, mentored by Atsushi Eno
Mercurial and Bazaar support for MonoDevelop.

There's a great mix of projects this year that should lead to benefits for every developer using Mono and the users using the apps they build - improved runtime performance, updated class libraries, more capable IDE tools, and improved integration with C++. It's wonderful to see that so many students are interesting in helping us build a better developer platform that makes it easier to create great apps. We're looking forward to helping our students learn and hone of art of open-source collaboration so that they can see the results of their work when they deliver these features into the hands of our users.

Due to limited resources, there were many other good proposals that we were not able to accept. We nonetheless encourage such students to try to make the changes they'd love to see in the Mono ecosystem. We can't provide financial support, but we will support you as eagerly as with all contributors.

Expect to see a whirlwind tour of our students' ambitious work after they've had some time to dig in.

- The Mono Google Summer of Code Mentors


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