Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer of Code 2013 Projects Announced

Congratulations to the students accepted to Summer of Code 2013! We have 17 projects this year, and we're grateful to Google for sponsoring these students, and really excited to be working with them to make some fantastic improvements to the Mono runtime, developer tools, and ecosystem.

Here are the accepted projects:

As ever, it was extremely difficult to choose between the applications that we received. We are given a finite number of slots by Google, and we don't want our mentors stretched too thin mentoring multiple projects each, so there were many excellent applications that we were sadly unable to accept. We welcome all students who were not accepted to remain in our community, and wish them luck for next year.

We're now in the community bonding period - students will be getting to know their mentors, and getting up to speed. You'll be able to follow our students' progress on our Summer of Code 2013 mailing list and on Twitter and Google+.

Happy coding!