Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer of Code 2012 - Projects announced!

The selection results are out, and this year we will have 13 projects on the Summer for Code 2012! It looks like it could be a lucky number, because last year we had 13 projects and it was our most successful year! Congratulations to the all students that were accepted to work with the Mono Project.

We'd like to thank all the students who've applied. This year, as every year, we received a lot of good applications. We always have a limited number of slots and mentors, and this year we are especially limited by the areas that our mentors can cover, so we had to make some tough decisions.

We're always happy to provide guidance and support to anyone who'd like to contribute, so even if you weren't accepted, we'd still like to have you in our community!

Code Contracts Static Verifier: Continued
Student: Alexander Chebaturkin

Pinta Features/Enhancements
Student: Andrew Davis

Tasque Revitalization
Student: Antonius Riha

WebKit-based HTML editor for MonoDevelop
Student: Petar Dodev

Monodoc and .NET Resource Editor Addins for Monodevelop
Student: Gary Barnett

Improving F# binding
Student: Igor Siguta

C# Code Actions and Code Issue Inspections
Student: Mansheng Yang

Managed ILAsm and ILDasm implementations
Student: Marcin Bartnicki

Improve the Code Contracts Verifier
Student: Oleg Demchenko

Finish .NET 4.5 TPL Dataflow
Student: Petr Onderka

Support for ASP .NET MVC in MonoDevelop
Student: Piotr Dowgiallo

Code issue detection and code actions for MonoDevelop and NRefactory
Student: Simon Lindgren

Add XDEBUG support for OS X
Student: Timothy Savard