Monday, April 26, 2010

Summer of Code Projects Announced!

Google has announced the projects accepted for Summer for Code 2010! Congratulations to the students who were accepted to work with the Mono Project.

If you weren't accepted, we still would like you to join our community. We had many good applications and a limited number of slots, and unfortunately had to make some hard decisions. However, we're always happy to provide guidance and support to anyone who'd like to contribute, not just GSoC students.

This year, we have the following projects, students and mentors:

Background Code Analysis in MonoDevelop
Student: Nikhil Sarda
Mentor: Jeremie Laval
This project will bring background C# code analysis to MonoDevelop, to highlight problems on the fly, and offer fixes using MonoDevelop's refactoring operations.

Code Contracts Verifier
Student: Chris Bacon
Mentor: Marek Safar
This project will implement the verifier for .NET 4 Code Contracts, and complete Mono's implementation of the Code Contracts API.

Additional C# Refactoring Operations for MonoDevelop
Student: Martinho Fernandes
Mentor: Mike Krueger
This project will increase the number of C# refactoring operations in MonoDevelop, including improved extract method, extract interface/superclass, change method signature, and many more.

F# Language Binding for MonoDevelop
Student: Victor Milovanov
Mentor: Lluis Sanchez
This project will improve the nascent F# support in MonoDevelop, focusing on more advanced features such as the code completion parser.

Safe Points and Precise Scanning of Locals for SGen
Student: Sanjoy Das
Mentor: Mark Probst
This project will add safe points to Mono's new SGen GC, which are a prerequisite of several useful GC features and optimizations.

Managed Interop with Native C++ Libraries
Student: Alexander Corrado
Mentor: Andreia Gaita
This project will improved C++ interop mechanisms for managed code, including direct invocation without C glue.

MonoDevelop Class Designer
Student: Evan Briones
Mentor: Michael Hutchinson
This project will create a class designer for MonoDevelop based on a re-usable Moonlight canvas.

GTK# Data Binding Library with Stetic Support
Student: Krzysztof Marecki
Mentor: Mike Kestner
This project will focus on improving MonoDevelop's "Stetic" GTK# designer.

Regex-to-IL Compiler
Student: C.J. Adams-Collier
Mentor: Rodrigo Kumpera
This project will complete Mono's Regex-to-IL compiler, allowing regexes to be JIT-compiled.

Student: Yavor Georgiev
Mentor: Scott Peterson
This project will complete the Mono.UPnP library, for media sharing between devices and applications such as Banshee and F-Spot.

We look forward to working with these students this summer, and hope for a very successful Summer of Code!


  1. I'd like to point out that the accepted proposals listed here aren't the same as on the linked google site. For instance:

    Student: C.J. Adams-Collier
    Google site: Perl 6 on the DLR
    This page: Regex-to-IL

  2. Rickard: Yes, after the application deadline we discussed some of the projects with the students in the applications' comments and "refocused" them to something we felt would work better.

    Unfortunately the GSoC webapp doesn't let us update the titles and abstracts.